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masterunity version changesJan Wolff14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-02-17unity version changesHEADmasterJan Wolff
2019-09-12port to unity 2019.3Jan Wolff
2017-06-24increased apk versionJan Wolff
2017-06-24Have closer zoom by default on touch devicesJan Wolff
2017-06-24fixed webgl templateJan Wolff
2017-06-24Updated to Unity 5.6.1f, changed GameOver text, added Base02 font for titleJan Wolff
2016-03-28Fixed height slider in pause, added pause button to WebGL buildJan Wolff
2016-01-24Added touch friendly height sliderJan Wolff
2016-01-24Removed boilersplashJan Wolff
2015-10-21A few changesJan Wolff