dotfiles and stuff
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Jan W. d6e77c6b3f molokai 1 month ago
bin replace virgin selfmade install script with chad gnu stow 3 years ago
iptables merge 3 years ago
laptop/x11 added my x11 config for my laptop 4 years ago
netctl eduroam compatible setup for netctl (passwords not included) 3 years ago
pkglists small-ish i3 changes (yea i can't decide) 3 years ago
stowthis molokai 1 month ago
systemd bunch of systemd example stuff 2 years ago
systemd-boot-samples bunch of systemd example stuff 2 years ago
.gitignore mutt - try starting sway, use x as fallback 3 years ago
better_gnome3.txt minor stuff 2 years ago
cronjobs cron fixes 3 years ago
redshift.conf move redshift coordinates to something closer by 4 years ago